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The multizone system allows you to create a comfortable microclimate in office buildings and residential buildings. One small, neutral neutral outdoor unit provides isolated operation for all indoor units. The automatic selection of compressor rotation speed saves energy. The low noise level inside and outside the building does not distract residents or employees from their usual activities. Thin settings allow you to separately adjust the system in each room.

Daikin RXYMQ5AV4A advantages

  • The owner can connect any number of indoor units within 8.
  • The power of the system is enough to maintain the quality work of all units at the same time. The allocation of resources occurs automatically.
  • When disconnecting individual units, there is a decrease in energy consumption.
  • It is possible to connect additional accessories to adapt the air conditioner to the individual needs of residents or the weather conditions of a particular region.
  • The automatic shutdown mode is triggered when there is no movement in the room for 20 minutes.
RXYMQ5AV4A Technical description
The model is compatible with different types of wall and ceiling blocks, air ducts with a capacity of up to 14 kilowatts. Inverter technology in combination with an expansion valve allows you to adjust the flow rate and set the required compressor speed. This prevents sudden temperature fluctuations. It is possible to set the required temperature, and the system will control the power and maintain settings.

Daikin RXYMQ5AV4A error codes

  • LA - power transistor is faulty
  • LC - communication with the inverter of the outdoor unit is faulty
  • P0 - gas shortage (icing of heat storage equipment)
  • P1 - lack of phase, power supply imbalance
  • P3 - temperature increase inside the control unit
  • P4 - malfunction of the radiator temperature sensor (power transistor)
  • P5 - DC sensor malfunction
  • P6 - malfunction of the sensor for output AC/DC.

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