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18.9 kW Cooling
22.4kW Heating

PAR-40MAA Backlit Controller

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Model Name PEA-RP200WJA
Type Inverter
Indoor Unit PEA-RP200WJA
Outdoor Unit PUHZ-RP200YK2A
Refrigerant  R410A
Capacity (Rated Conditions) kW 18.9
Capacity (Min – Max) kW 9 – 22.4
Air Flow (Low – Hi) l/s 833-1017-1200
External Static Pressure Pa 60-75-100-150
AEER/EER (Rated Conditions) *2 3.11/3.19
AEER [Part load %]*1 3.75
Sound Pressure Levels *3
Indoor at 1.5m (Low – Hi) dBA 38-41-44
Outdoor at 1m (Quiet Mode) dBA 58
Capacity (Rated Conditions) kW 22.4
Capacity (Min – Max) kW 9.5 – 25
Air Flow (Low – Hi) l/s 833-1017-1200
ACOP/COP (Rated Conditions) *2 3.18/3.25
Sound Pressure Levels *3
Indoor at 1.5m (Low – Hi) dBA 38-41-44
Outdoor at 1m dBA 59
Indoor (HxWxD) mm 470x1370x1120
Outdoor (HxWxD) mm 1338x1050x330+30
Indoor kg 108
Outdoor kg 135
Electrical Supply
Three Phase 415 volt / Three Phase / 50 Hertz
Breaker Size
Three Phase A 32
maximum length m 75
maximum height m 30
Guaranteed Operating Range
– Cooling*4 °C -5 (-15) ~ 52
– Heating °C

*1 MEPS compliant part load

*2 Rated EER/COP for PEA-RP170/200WJA are measured at ESP 75 Pa.

*3 Sound pressure level for PEA-RP170/200WJA are measured in anechoic chamber at ESP 150 Pa.

*4 With optional air protection guide, the operation at -15°C outdoor temperature is possible.


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