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10.4kW Cooling – 11.3kw Heating Capacity / High Static Ducted Indoor RAV-SM1103DT-A Outdoor RAV-SP1104AT-A1 Single Phase / Wired Control with Weekly Timer RBC-AMS41E Made in Thailand Indoor: 298 x 1400 x 750 Outdoor: 1340 x 900 x 320

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Indoor RAV-SM1103DT-A
Outdoor RAV-SP1104AT-A2
Refrigerant Type R410A
Power Supply Volts-Phase-Hz 220-240V -/1/50Hz
Cooling Capacity – Rated kW 10.4
Capacity – Range (min~max) kW 3.3~12.1
Efficiency (rated) EER 3.30
Power Input (min~rated~max) kW 0.90~3.15~3.99
Operating Current (rated) A 14.8
Heating Capacity – Rated kW 11.3
Capacity – Range (min~max) kW 4.2~17.0
Efficiency (rated) COP 4.38
Power Input (min~rated~max) kW 0.80~2.58~4.84
Operating Current (rated) A 12.1
Indoor Unit Dimension (HxWxD) mm 380x1050x600
Net Weight kg 57
Airflow Volume L/s 693.3
Heating Airflow Volume L/s 693.5
Fan Motor Output W 600
Sound Pressure (H) at 1m distance dBA 49
Sound Power (H) dBA 64
Cooling Usable Temperature Range ?C (-15)~43
Heating Usable Temperature Range ?C (-20)~15
Outdoor Unit Dimension (HxWxD) mm 1340x900x320
Net Weight kg 93
Compressor Type – DC Twin Rotary
Fan Motor Output W 100+100
Cooling Operating Noise (Sound Pressure) (H) at 1m dBA(@spl) 49
Cooling Operating Noise (Sound Power) (H) dBA(@swl) 66
Heating Operating Noise (Sound Pressure) (H) at 1m dBA(@spl) 50
Heating Operating Noise (Sound Power) (H) dBA(@swl) 67
Cooling Usable Temperature Range DB?C (-15)/43
Heating Usable Temperature Range DB?C (-20)/15
Pipe Size Liquid Line ? mm 9.5
Gas Line ? mm 15.9
Coupler Style mm Flaring
Drain (Inside Diameter) ? mm VP25
Maximum Length m 75
Chargeless Length m 30
Maximum Height Difference m 30

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