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Stay comfortable year-round with the Panasonic CU-2Z52VBR Multi-Head Split System Air Conditioner. This versatile unit allows you to cool or heat up to 3 rooms in your home from one outdoor condenser.

The system consists of one sleek outdoor compressor paired with two or three discrete wall-mounted indoor units. Each indoor unit has its own remote so you can customize the temperature and fan speed for each zone in your house. No more fighting over the thermostat!

With a powerful 5.2kW capacity, this Panasonic split system provides efficient and whisper-quiet cooling for combined spaces up to 65m2. It’s ideally suited for open plan homes, apartments, businesses and more.

Panasonic’s proprietary airflow technology and durable compressor ensure consistent comfort and low energy consumption. Plus the included PM2.5 air filter removes allergens and pollutants for cleaner indoor air.

Control your unit anytime with the optional Wi-Fi module. Enjoy easy installation, energy ratings up to 5 stars, and Panasonic’s reputation for reliability. With flexible zoning control and efficient performance, the CU-2Z52VBR Multi-Head Split System is the ideal air conditioner for multi-room cooling and heating.