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Indoor Unit FTXS85LVMA
Outdoor Unit RXS85LVMA
Rated Capacity
Cool (KW) 8.5
Heat (KW) 9.0
Capacity Range
Cool (KW) 2.3-10.5
Heat (KW) 2.3-11.2
Indoor Air Flow
Cool (l/s) 397
Heat (l/s) 401
Indoor Fan Speeds
5 steps, quiet and automatic
Energy Label Star Rating
Cool 2
Heat 2.5
Front Panel Colour
Power Supply
1 phase, 220-240, 50Hz
Rated Power Input
Cool (kW) 2.54
Heat (kW) 3.16
Dimensions (H x W x D)
Outdoor (mm) 990x940x320
Indoor (mm) 340x1200x240
Outdoor (kg) 80
Indoor (kg) 17
Compressor Type
Hermetically sealed swing type
Maximum Pipe Length
(m) 30
Maximum Level Difference
(m) 20
Refrigerant Pipe Size
Drain (mm) 18
Liquid (mm) 9.5
Gas (mm) 15.9
Operating Range (Outdoor Temp)
Cooling CDB 10 to 46
Heating CWB -15 to 18
Indoor Sound Level
Heat (dBA) 49/44/38/35
Cool (dBA) 49/45/40/37
Outdoor Sound Level
Cool (dBA) 54/51
Heat (dBA) 54/51
EPA Sound Power Level
Outdoor (dBA)

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