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20.0kW Cool – 22.4kW Heat / DAIKIN Set FDYQN200LB-LY

Inverter R410A. Indoor FDYQN200LBV1

Outdoor RZQ200LY1

Controller BRC1E63

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Rated Capacity Cool (kW) 20
Heat (kW) 22.4
Capacity Range Cool (kW) 12.0-20.0
Heat (kW) 13.4-22.4
Power Input (Rated) Cool (kW) 6.44
Heat (kW) 7
E.E.R./C.O.P. C/H 3.11/3.20
Air Flow Rate (Rated) l/s 1200
Indoor Sound Level (@1.5m) dBA 44
Piping Length 50
Indoor Fan Speeds H/M/L
Dimensions (HxWxD) Indoor (mm) 500x1430x970
Outdoor (mm) 1680x930x765
Weight Indoor (kg) 86
Outdoor (kg) 192
Power Supply V/HZ 3 Phase, 415v, 50Hz
Compressor Type Hermetically sealed scroll type
Refrigerant Pipe Size Liquid (mm) 9.5 (Brazed)
Gas (mm) 19.1 (Brazed)
Drain (mm) BSP 3/4 inch Internal Thread
Supply Air Opening HxW (mm) 376?827 (Flange)
Return Air Opening HxW (mm) 350?1118 (Flange)
Outdoor Operating Range Cool (?CDB) -5 to 43
Heat (?CWB) -20 to 16
EPA Sound Power Level dBA –
Outdoor Sound Level (H) @ 1 m Pressure dBA (C/H) 57/57

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