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Project – Mitsubishi Electric multi system installation at Birchgrove

By Victor /

Our recent project – Mitsubishi Electric multi system installation at Birchgrove. 

 Last week we installed a four-head multi system in a heritage conservation area at Birchgrove. 

As the council’s requirements for that area is not to have any outdoor ac units at the front of the house we had to place the outdoor unit at the back of the property on the colorbond flat roof. 

To do that we had to lift the outdoor unit at the 4 meters height with the special lifting equipment. 

All indoor units are boxy shape style and match the design of that house space. One indoor unit at the top level guest bedroom is placed lower than usual as the indoor unit can be installed only on a flat surface.

The indoor unit for the office space was located in a distance for the external wall and we had to use a plastic pipe casing (trunking) to cover the pipes and cables. 

Indoor unit at the middle level bedroom is placed in between two balcony doors with the pipes and cables running at the back and through the roof cavity.

And the last indoor unit for the master bedroom located above the windows and closer to the ceiling to fulfil the best air distribution to the space. 

As we mentioned in the beginning the outdoor unit is located on the roof and is not visible from the street or anywhere from the ground level to match the council’s requirements for the heritage conservation area. 



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