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Project – Split system replacement at Leichhardt.

By Victor /

Our recent project – Split system replacement at Leichhardt. 

 Recently our team replaced a wall mounted split system in a house in the Leichhardt area. 
The original split system was installed about 10 years ago and recently stopped working after a recent storm. Our technician came and found the burned out motherboard in the outdoor unit. Due to the repairing costs and the age of the split system the customer decided to replace the whole system with the new Mitsubishi Electric one. 
That system was installed on a top floor room which gets really hot during the summer weather. The indoor unit is installed in a corner above the book shelving.
Corner location of the indoor unit has some benefits for example the air won’t be flowing directly on the bed but on the side and make the room nice and cool without disturbing the sleeper. 
The outdoor unit is located on the colorbond roof and fixed on the top of the uni strut. Rubber pads placed under the unit to avoid the vibration. 



Air Conditioning certified specialist in Sydney, Australia. Victor is a highly skilled and certified air conditioning specialist based in Sydney, Australia. With over 15 years of experience in the HVAC industry, John has become an expert in the installation, maintenance, and repair of various air conditioning systems, including split systems, ducted systems, and multi-head units. John began his journey in the HVAC field after completing a comprehensive apprenticeship program and obtaining his trade certificate. He then worked with several reputable air conditioning companies in Sydney, honing his skills and gaining valuable insights into the industry. In 2010, Victor received his Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Council (ARC) certification, further solidifying his status as a trusted professional in the field.