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ABC Air is a licensed and certified commercial air conditioning service and repair company in Sydney. Clients choose us for more than 10 years experience and conscientious service. Our experts work with residential and commercial premises.

Commercial buildings, factories, and shopping centers usually have a more complex structure than private ones. Therefore, ABC Air offers customers:

  • Preliminary consultation
  • Air conditioning system Power calculation
  • Air conditioner Warranty service
  • Quick installation

Depending on many factors, we recommend split systems, cassette systems, or channel systems. The choice is affected by the building area, its configuration, ceiling height, number of doors, and windows.

We also take into account the walls and roof material. ABC Air strongly recommends turn to professionals to calculate and design everything correctly.

What brand of the air conditioner to choose?

Mitsubishi Electric

Lossnay Heat Recovery Ventilation LGH-15RVX-E

The model price is about $ 1,300. The manufacturer has provided 4 airflow speeds. The minimum noise level is 17 dB (A). The compact size of the unit (780 x 610 x 289 mm) allows you to place it anywhere. The air conditioner weight is 20 kilograms. Power consumption depends on the settings selected. The indicators are in the range of 7-49 watts.

Daikin UAYQ90CY1A 26.54 KW

Outdoor Rooftop Packaged Unit

The air conditioner price is about $ 9,500. Cooling power reaches 26.54 kW, and heating - up to 25.68 kW. At standard settings, the noise level does not exceed 68 dB (A). The system automatically selects the optimal speed to maintain the set temperature parameters. It allows you to consume electricity rationally. The weight of the system is 445 kilograms. The dimensions of the block are 1150 x 1638 x 2063 mm.


Air Conditioning VRV IV-S Reverse Cycle Multi-System Outdoor

The cost of the model is in the range of $ 4,900. The cooling capacity is 2.44 kW, and heating - 2.28 kW. At medium settings, the sound level does not exceed 51 dB (A). Overall dimensions are 990 x 940 x 320 mm. The system uses a new generation of refrigerant R-410A. It is environmentally friendly.

Mitsubishi Electric

Lossnay Heat Recovery Ventilation LGH-65RVX-E

The approximate price of the air conditioner is at the level of $ 2,400. The unit weighs 38 kilograms and has dimensions of 908 x 954 x 404 mm. Power consumption in the range of 15-252 watts provides four-speed modes. The minimum noise level is 18 dB (A).

“ABC Air has excellent service. I'm glad I listened to their advice when calculating power. Cooling and heating work great.”

Matt Dickson  - March 12, 2020

“Thanks to the guys at ABC Air. They listened carefully to my needs and offered the most suitable air conditioning. They dissuaded me from buying too powerful a model. The air conditioner that I installed is a little cheaper and consumes less electricity!”

Marryl Peters  - January 16, 2020


Do commercial kitchens have air conditioning?

Air conditioning is part of the HVAC system. It is a must in a professional kitchen. Air conditioning avoids the spread of odors and steam to the guests' room. It also improves the working conditions of cooks.

What are the different types of commercial HVAC systems?

How long should a commercial air conditioner last?

Usually between 15 and 20 years.

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