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To give this more context and make AC a bit easier to define, please follow along with these instructions:

Check all motors and connections; please assure that all are stable and grounded properly. Check any and all circuits to be positive they’re not “blown” and are communicating with the motor properly. If the motor keeps running even when the power is set to OFF, the LOSSNAY will be affected- resulting in error[Code 4116] should appear.

If the indoor unit is detected running under one hundred eighty RPM, the unit will restart and continue to run for more than two minutes. This is also the case with outdoor units running at a higher capacity or more than [ over] two thousand RPM. Also, make sure the resistance between the pins and coils are receptive and corresponds directly with the control board(s).

Inrush and inflow resistance is important as well. If no other problems are found with any of the above-mentioned, the problem may be the INV board in general and may need to be replaced.


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