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Project – Daikin mini multi split system replacement at Pyrmont apartments

By Victor /

Our recent project was in a two bedroom apartment in the Pyrmont area. We replaced the old multi split system Toshiba with new Daikin mini multi system (it's a special series of multi system designed to operate only two indoor wall mounted ac units) . It is also called the Light series of Daikin or Q-series. We found this model is pretty reliable and budget friendly. The only difference between mini multi and standard multi is the number of the indoor units to be connected to the outdoor (condenser). Also this model is a reverse cycle so it does heating and cooling. Daikin light series multi systems are probably the best choice for two bedroom apartments with limited space on the balcony and the best solution when it comes to price-quality. Our team recommends Daikin light series multi systems (all come with 5 years warranty).


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