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Do you need an Ermington Air Conditioning installation? Contact ABC Air! We have been operating in all areas of Sydney for over ten years. The company has all the necessary certificates and licenses to work with all types and brands of HVAC equipment.

We value the comfort of our customers. Therefore, we carefully listen to all their wishes. We also work with an extensive range of models so that each customer will select the perfect blocks for his interior.

All equipment presented on the site has a guarantee of more than five years.

Why is an energy-saving air conditioner needed?

Being engaged in Ermington Air Conditioning, ABC Air masters found that many houses still have old air conditioners. They have substantial, bulky cases and a minimal set of functions. But their main drawback is the high energy consumption. Modern models equipped with inverter technology will save you up to 50% of the amount that you pay monthly for electricity.

Additional advantages of the new lines of climate technology:

  • Ergonomic body and stylish design that fits perfectly into any interior;
  • Effective cooling or heating of the house depending on the season;
  • Air conditioners do an excellent job in homes of any layout;
  • Silent operation of the device does not distract the owners of the house;
  • The presence of Wi-Fi allows you to configure settings remotely using a smartphone;
  • Infrared sensors react to the lack of movement in the room and turn off the equipment during periods when intensive cooling or heating is not needed.

How to choose the right air conditioner?

ABC Air specialists are responsible for calculating the power and determining the places where the indoor and outdoor units will be placed. This is affected by:

  • Customer wishes for indoor climate;
  • Materials and thickness of all walls of the building;
  • Layout and size of the house;
  • Number of floors;
  • Ceiling height;
  • Types of ventilation used;
  • Location of windows and doors.

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