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AC Installation & repair in Concord

The ABC Air team has successfully installed air conditioners in the Concord area for over ten years. Our experts perform warranty service and renovation of any complexity.

Maintenance includes operations such as cleaning or replacing filters, checking pressure, filling refrigerant.

Our company works only with brands of air conditioners that have proven themselves in the market.

The assurance period for them lasts more than five years.

Energy Efficiency as a Way to Save

  • In the Concord area, many homes do not yet have air conditioning or old models. The older the air conditioning system, the less energy efficient it is. This leads to too large electricity bills.
  • Modern equipment provides owners with several advantages:
  • Cooling and heating functions in one housing. You do not need to buy two devices and overpay.

Moreover, one reverse cycle air conditioner takes up less space and fits perfectly into the interior.

Modern models have a variety of designs. There are stylish black or steel cases. Buyers can find blocks in classic white or ivory.

The essential thing to replace an old air conditioner with a new one is energy efficiency.

The mechanism accelerates the engine to high speeds at the beginning of work. This allows you to cool or heat the room quickly. Then, at slow speeds, the compressor maintains the temperature reached. This smooth operation ensures minimal electricity consumption. This accounts for up to 50% savings in future accounts.

ABC Air creates a comfortable microclimate

ABC Air masters offer Concord air conditioning power calculations and system installation. Our specialists also work in other areas of Sydney. They turn to us for industrial, commercial and household equipment.

To calculate the optimal air conditioning for your lady or office, fill out an application on the website or call. An ABC Air employee will offer the best options for you to choose and will orient you for the price. If you have doubts or questions, feel free to ask their masters.

Order an air conditioning installation in the Concord area by phone or leave a request on the site. We will process the order during the working day and our specialist will advise you on all issues and plan a visit at a convenient time for you.

For fast air conditioning repair and service

call us now at +61 434 506 979

“Great experience from start to finish. Everyone that I dealt with was friendly and professional. Reliable and reasonable. I highly recommend them.”

Charlotte Schardt - July 12, 2019


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