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Reverse cycle air conditioning in laments terms is a refrigeration or coolant process (cycle), that can provide both heating and cooling solutions. The entire process takes place by reversing coolant refrigeration molecules in the cycle so that the entire system will keep warm in winter and STAY cool in summer.

The entire system is efficient, proactive, adaptable, maintainable, easier, and flexible for not only you but your entire family. This method and form have gone from being modern to more so traditional nowadays. It is not uncommon to see a family operating this system of all ages with ease of use. The entire system is run by a small little control box which can be called a Thermostat.

Although the title and definitive will vary, it’s the easiest and most common unit sold today on a global market. It accounts for more than forty-eight percent of all AC sales. As far and the how does it work it is simply put- trapped and condensed air reused time ad time again.

This pressure and recycling can give the desired effect and achieve maximum efficiency for the entire home, regardless of its square footage. Let’s break it down:

Four Main Components:

  • Compresssor Pump responsible for moving the compressed coolant around
  • Condenser Coil turning the coolant from a gas state into a liquid
  • Restrictor Department changing coolant to Vaporgas form
  • Evaporator Coil changing coolant from liquid until a gas state


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