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Ducted air conditioning repair is an important activity in countries with hot climates. The broken ducted air conditioning, provided that for 6 months the outdoor temperature does not fall below 25 degrees Celsius, significantly reduces indoor comfort. Do not wait until the heat and dry air negatively affect your health! If the system is not working properly, contact ABC AIR Conditioning for ducted air conditioning repair.

Ducted System Repair

Why do ducted air conditioning failures occur?

The system is not installed correctly

The technology provided by the ducted air conditioning manufacturer is sometimes violated. Leaks will occur in the system or an incorrect airflow will form.

The air conditioners maintenance did not conduct timely

Problems can arise if the filters are not changed on time and the system coils are not cleaned. It reduces the fans or compressors life. Incompetent employees sometimes mistakenly fill in excess refrigerant in a filled air conditioner. It also causes breakdowns.

Refrigerant leak

If refrigerant leaks at some point in the system, urgent ducted air conditioning repair is required. Most coolants contain hydrochlorofluorocarbon. It is harmful to people.

The electrical control unit has broken

If the ducted air conditioning system is turned on and off too often, the controls wear out faster. The location in coastal areas where the air is more humid will lead to wires corrosion.

Ducts have fallen into disrepair

Ducted air conditioning repair is required in case of dust, dirt, fungus in the ducts accumulation. It should be done as soon as possible, as harmful bacteria enter the air.

I am very grateful to the guys from ABC AIR! They replied to my message on their website that day. The next day, a master came to my house, found a breakdown in ducted air conditioning and fixed it. Service deserves 5 stars!

Anna Williams - December 04, 2019

Thanks for the quality ducted air conditioning repair! We thought that the problem was a refrigerant lack, but it turned out that the air ducts needed to be changed. The guys did it professionally and quickly!

Noah Dickenson - November 15, 2019

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review rating 5  Thank you for split installation for my place! Everything was perfect, nice and neat. The quote was very competitive. Recommend this guys!

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review rating 5  We highly recommend abc air conditioning. Very high quality service and professional installation. They had much better solutions in terms of units and placement of unit for optimum air flow etc for our place than other businesses we had asked a quote from. Very responsive to general questions post installation as well and friendly! Great work.

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review rating 5  Thank you guys for ducted aircon installation at my house during renovation works. Guys did this big job at the stages and I`m pretty happy with the outcome. Always on-time, always well organised; true professionals. I will definitely call them again for my next project!

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